Over the years I have built a small body of work.

It is my quest in life to defeat my demons of distraction and negativity and become more prolific and generous.


Willie McRae

Danger Dreams
Morning Vultures
Cold Black Magic
From Alcatraz To Charon
The Grim Tale Of Mr Lightfoot
The Omega Automatic Seamasters Cosmic
Red Highway
The Stick And The Trick
The Walk
Pomodori Galactic
Marmalade And Rhymes
Uncle Reuben’s Farmhouse
Rocky Butterfly Dances On The Moon


Willie McRae

Gumeracha Frog
Gumeracha Frog
Farmer Zombie
Day By Day

Tales From The Edge Of Reality
Jungle Law
Back From Hell
The Black Knight
When I Get To Where I’m Going

The Way It Goes
The Way It Goes

Orlac Wizard

Extreme Power And Wealth
Hands Of Orlac
Orgy Wand
Extreme Power And Wealth
Glyphs Of Power
Seven Magic Potions
Funky And Dangerous
Return To Orlac Tower