Becoming a prolific Experimental Artist

Q: What are you doing today?
A: Same thing I do every day - trying to become a prolific Experimental Artist.

I’ve been fascinated with Art and Science in roughly equal measures since my childhood. I suppose I was not an usual ten year old, obsessed with concepts such as chemistry, astronomy, dinosaurs and computer programming.

The interest level in science really only dropped when I got to high school and my interest in all forms of academic study decreased in negative correlation to my increased interest in music, driving a Kombi van and chasing girls (metaphorically).

Through my 20s much of my effort was on somehow ‘making it’ as an artist, specifically a musician. I enjoyed the aspect of creation the most, coupled with it the anticipation of some sort of audience; family, friends, and perhaps an interested stranger or two who would become another one of the people I could share a social orbit path with.

For what I told myself were practical reasons, I slowed down the path towards musical and artistic self-sufficiency and found myself on something of a hamster wheel of corporate industry. It seemed innocent enough at the time. Just a few months I promised myself. Just enough to pay my debts and save up for a new adventure. That was eight years ago.

Along this new more corporate journey I discovered a couple of new insights;

  1. Art is more fun when commercial reality is stripped away BUT making art without an intended audience reduces motivation
  2. Science is cool, and the drive that scientists have is not at all dissimilar to the drive of artists. In fact, the similarities are very strong, especially when the monetary aspect is added.

Commercialism of both art and science feels quite similar to me.

Both fields deliver something of intrinsic value. One asks questions, the other attempts to answer questions, although often these questions and answers are not linked which is perhaps a poetic observation to be explored another time.

Back to the original question.

I’ve learned that industry towards either Art or Science gives me a sense of personal strength and meaning. It puts electricity into my batteries so to speak. It’s enough to get me up and typing away. So, I attempt to be prolific in my efforts, and from there to be prolific in sharing the results. I have the first under control, the second is much harder and is partly solved by the existence of this website.