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Saturday, October 31st, 2020

Experiment: to try something in order to discover what it is like or find out more about it.
Art: an activity through which people express particular ideas.

What am I trying to do?

This my garden of ideas.

It is my home territory, my plot in the digital universe. Like in any other garden, it is the gardener who puts in the work and also visits most often, and so it must cater to their whims and desires first. But occasionally through invitation or happenstance, others will arrive and get a feel for the place. When that occurs, I wish to provide a positive and interesting experience,so the visitor feels refreshed and enthused, perhaps taking a cutting and planting it somewhere else.

Some of what I will share here will be akin to a section in a museum - these will be pieces which are finished and are available for display, and in some cases, for purchase. These will be found in the COLLECTION section. Expect to see my various alter-egos represented as well as my contributions to shared creations.

But the bulk of what will be found here shall be in the JOURNAL, which will be a collection of essays, notes, musings, maybe some poetry and certainly much rambling. This will be a window into my world as a person who wants to make things. I find the craft and process of making Art invigorating. My mind races with ideas which have gathered actual or metaphoric dust over the years. I will give these some shape and make them available for review and discussion

Who is the intended audience?

The intended audience is you. It is highly likely we have some sort of personal association, and if we don’t already, perhaps one day we will. I seek strong connections with people from all walks of life and will welcome any correspondence. While I will use social media from time to time, I intend the main vehicle of communication to be my mailing list which will be as simple as possible - a weekly or more likely monthly digest of what I am doing, what I have done. If you can send an email to me here, you are in - mailinglist@experimentinart.com.

Technical facts

Nightmare Garden by John Bridges
Nightmare Garden by John Bridges